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What is Young Agains Mygest?

Mygest is made by the company young again that is made as an estrogen alternative. Mygest comes in a 2 oz jar of cream and contains 1,000 mg of USP Micronized Progesterone. Young Again claims that the Mygest cream will apply evenly on the skin and not feel greasy or waxy. Through the transdermal route the progesterone is suppose to enter into the body and help with hormone levels. Mygest is made for men and women.

Ingredients Contained in Mygest

Mygest contains 1,000mg of USP Micronized Progesterone. I assume the Progesterone used in this product is derived from wild yams which contain diosgenin which can be converted to progesterone. Young Again does not show any of the other ingredients contained in the product.


Research is being done to see if decrease levels of progesterone have a cause in aging. As men and women age progesterone levels decrease and it may beneficial to increase these levels. Progesterone has also been found to be useful for the skin and is said to cause exfoliation.


It is unknown if the human body can metabolize diosgenin into progesterone. Young Again doesn’t provide a full list of ingredients. Young Again also does not allow refunds of any kind.


Progesterone may be an alternative for estrogen but I am unsure if it would be all that useful in doing this. Young Again is not all that informative about their products and it is questionable about what is really contained in Mygest and whether or not the body could convert this to progesterone.   

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